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Shoe care

These easy-care school shoe tips will ensure your children's shoes are shiny and clean all year round. It will also help extend the life of the shoes.

1.    Air them out

School shoes should be removed as soon as the children get home from school – this way any moisture or sweat inside the shoe can dry out before the next morning. If possible, place the shoes outside (undercover) or near an open window so that they can get some fresh air. Ideally have 2 pairs of shoes so your child can alternate each day.

2.    Keep them dry

Excessively wet shoes should be stuffed with scrunched up paper/kitchen towel  overnight. This is a great way of drawing out moisture from shoes without damaging them. Using a hairdryer on leather shoes or placing them next to a heater will dry them out too much and may cause them to crack.

3.    Remove dirt

It’s a big ask to say to any school children “don’t step in any puddles, don’t walk through any mud, don’t play any ball games, IF your shoes do get dirty wipe them clean as soon as possible”!

So, school shoes will get a bashing at any age. The important thing is, as soon as you can get to the shoes remove the dirt as the acidity and salt will damage the leather.

  • Take a damp (not dripping) cloth to the shoe and remove the grime so it doesn’t seep in or damage the material.

  • Let them dry away from a heat source.

4.    Give them a good polish

  • Firstly, always protect the area where you plan to work, shoe polish on your carpet is a stress you can probably do without, so always use a towel or old newspaper to protect your work area.

  • Step 1 — Using a soft brush or damp cloth, remove any excess dirt and debris. If using a damp cloth, allow the shoes to fully dry before moving onto the next step.

  • Step 2 — With a shoe polish brush, cover the entire shoe with a generous helping of a good quality, oil based polish, working it evenly into every part of the shoe. Once done, leave for approximately 15 minutes for the polish to dry… Make sure you pick the right colour polish for your shoes!

  • Step 3 — Using a smaller, softer shine brush, brush the entire shoe vigorously to remove any excess polish. This should leave a thin coating.

  • Step 4 — Now, take some cotton wool and lightly dampen, next get a small amount of polish on the cotton wool and work it into the heel and toe of the shoes using small circular motions. This process can take a few minutes to get to the desired level of shine. Don’t be afraid to get a new piece of cotton and start the process again if you’d like super shiny school shoes.

5.    Replace laces

Replace worn laces before they break! It’s always a good idea to keep an extra pair of laces in the cupboard – you never know when you might need them. For broken buckles or Velcro strips that have come unstuck, it’s worth a visit to your nearest shoe repair shop, who will generally offer same day repairs. Another good reason for having 2 pairs of school shoes.

6.   Protect them

Using a good quality product. Protect the shoes from the first wear. A foam is best and apply it with a sponge. Allow it to dry overnight and then polish as normal. This will help protect the shoes from water and dirt. Insoles are great to help extend the inside of the shoes especially if they are removable and washable.