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Frequently Asked Questions

Measure and Fit
How do I work out the correct size?
How do I know which width fitting is best?
What if my child’s feet are a little narrow but don’t measure lower than the average F, which styles will suit me best?
My child wants a Slip-on shoe like a Loafer but he/she has a narrow foot what do you recommend?
When I measure my child’s feet their isn’t a size on the chart that matches it. What size shall I order?
How can I get the best wear out of my child’s school shoes?
How long can I expect the shoes to last?
Your Account
Why do I need to create an account?
I’ve forgotten my password - How do I log in?
How do I change my personal details or email address?
Ordering and Payment
What payment methods can I use?
What should I do if my payment is refused when entering my card?
Can I amend my order?
Can I cancel my order?
Do you offer express delivery?
Do you deliver Internationally?
What happens if I’m out when you try to deliver my order?
My order has taken longer than the number of days I was told to arrive, why is this?
Returns and Refunds
I like the shoes I’ve ordered but I need a different size, what shall I do?
How long do I have to return my items?
How do I return my items?
How long does it take for you to refund me and will I receive notification from you?